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Since I’m bored, and there’s no Atoms for Peace video yet, I decided to watch the KCRW video again to see how many times the word “shit’ was used during their set. LOL.

#1. Nigel realizes he’s just said “shit” on air - “I didn’t say that. I’m sorry.”

#2 - The very next song they play is the Beastie Boys - “Root Down” which has a number of Fucks and shits in it. The 2 fingers Thom is showing is like “Oh, that’s twice, we’ve had a curse go over the airwaves.”

The Next Song they play after that is a MachineDrum remix - #3 is right before Thom LITERALLY SINGS ALONG with the words “Roll that shit up.” Neither one of them realized that yet ANOTHER curse has gone out till the DJ mentions it and pics #4 & #5 show their reactions. LOL

#6 - Song isn’t over but later the lyrics are “Fade that shit” which is when Thom is saying it doesn’t matter/count since he turned down the the volume on that particular part.

I’m not offended by the language; I’m just posting because their reactions are so hysterical to me. 


The look on Jonny’s face after Thom outs him as an easy lay…


Radiohead, 1995. Danny Clinch.-


Radiohead, 1995. Danny Clinch.-

"There’s a line in Karma Police about he buzzes like a fridge. And to me, when you’re driving around in America and you have the alternative stations on in the background or in your hotel room or whatever; and it’s just like a fridge buzzing. That’s all I’m hearing. I’m just hearing buzz. It’s really odd. It’s kind of funny though really. You just have to laugh."